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When will the chaos end

Recently, a well-known internet celebrity @CatOneCup was banned from the entire network, and this incident, which is suspected of fabricating facts and disregarding the rule of law, has caused a stir on the internet, finally coming to an end.

However, there are clearly three different opinions on this punishment on the internet. One, believes the punishment is appropriate; two, believes it is biased; three, remains indifferent, just watching the excitement for fun.

Before addressing these viewpoints, it is necessary to review the background of this incident. The incident began with a popular blogger @CatOneCup on Douyin fabricating a story: a primary school student named Qin Lang abandoned his winter vacation homework in the restroom of a restaurant in France, attempting to evade the assignment. The blogger later contacted the student's mother to return the homework, exposing the child's little scheme.

In fact, in terms of this script itself, it is not particularly vulgar, just a satire on the heavy workload of children nowadays. Some people may not even care about the truth of the incident itself. However, the problem lies in the fact that some so-called official media or local media, without verification, recklessly reposted the story to gain traffic, sparking widespread discussions on the internet. Some mocked the child's little trick being exposed, while others questioned the authenticity of the incident, but most people just watched for entertainment.

During this process, it is worth noting that after many netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident, the blogger responded promptly and posted screenshots of his current WeChat conversation with the child, attempting to confirm the truth of the incident.

The turning point of the incident came with CCTV's criticism, accusing the blogger of fabricating facts and seeking attention. Soon after, an apology video from the blogger CatOneCup was released on the People's Daily official account. It was thought that the matter would be settled after CCTV's criticism and the blogger's apology. However, the good times did not last long, as the blogger's account was banned across all platforms, including Douyin, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, and Weibo.

At this point, the incident has escalated into a malicious public event where the blogger spread rumors, misled netizens, and polluted the internet atmosphere. However, upon closer inspection, indeed, the blogger himself is the instigator of this incident, including both himself and his team. But in my opinion, those accounts that disregard the facts and blindly repost are the real instigators behind the incident, with the blogger to some extent becoming a scapegoat. On one hand, it maintained the face of those instigators, and on the other hand, it served as a deterrent to similar traffic bloggers, attempting to purify the internet atmosphere.

Ultimately, on the internet, especially after gaining enough influence, one should assess the situation, lower their stance, rather than crossing the line and compromising principles. Only then can one secure a place in this chaotic society.

Note: This is the opinion of the author's family, please forgive any shortcomings.

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